WTS OR (4) Mec-Gar Ruger MKII 10rd mags $60.00 shipped

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    Passing along (4) lightly used ( Mec-Gar ) Ruger MKII ( MKI if you swap detent ) Blued 10 rd 22lr magazines . I got a small mound of these for my MKII and MKI while back with intention of shaving followers for + capacity ( +2 kinda boring ) Lost interest at 2 converts . I have since passed MKII to nephew , down to some old MKI's. While swapping follower detent works for the MK I , MKII mags do the job , they slow down magazine insert-removal in the MK-I ( just an opinion )
    Asking $60 shipped USPS flat ( PayPal/USPS MO ) or $55.00 FTF Molalla,Woodburn,OR City

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