4 mags (in the Roseburg area)

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    remington 597 .22lr mag. it's black, plastic, looks good, and seems to work good. I think it holds 10 rounds. $4

    I'm not sure what this one goes to, but I think it may be for a .30carbine. The follower was stuck, so I took it apart and cleaned it up, and it seems to work decent now, but it's still pretty rusty. I think it probably holds 5 rounds. $3

    I don't know about this one either, but it might be for a browning. It says .30-06 on it, and I think it holds 4 rounds. It has a metal body, plastic follower, and has some light surface rust on it, but seems to function fine. $5

    this is a .22lr winchester mag. I think it holds 5 rounds, and probably fits the 52/57/69/75 models. It's got quite a bit of rust on it, but still seems to work good. $4

    I'm in the Winston area

    will also trade for brass/bullets/ammo

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