(4) AR15s-- ALL SOLD

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    Hey Guys,
    I have four AR15s left to sell. All will come with one 30rd USGI Magazine as well as a black nylon tactical style carry case. I live about 20 minutes north of the Tacoma Mall on Hwy 16. Please, expect that you'll be traveling to me, and that you'll be paying in cash. Also, expect that I'll want to see ID and I would prefer if you have a CPL or WAC badge. I'm not really looking for any trades at this time, but I will consider your trade offers. Please make sure that if you have a trade, you actually tell me what it is you have and what kind of trade you expect. Vague messages such as 'I got a Mini14' don't do me any good. A trade offer of 'I have a LNIB S&W 629 4" and $1000 for your XXX AR' is something I can actually work with.

    Spikes Tactical/Yankee Hill "PUNISHER" -- $SOLD

    Tactical Rifles/SAA M4 -- $SOLD

    Tactical Rifles/Olympic Stainless UltraMatch -- $SOLD
    If you're looking for a short, easy to maneuver carbine that has all the match accuracy of a target rifle, then this gun is for you. It features a 'Tactical Rifles' lower receiver (manufactured by Mega Machine) with a Rock River Arms lower parts kit to include a RRA 2-Stage trigger. The stock is a genuine Colt M4, and also includes a TacticalLink.com sling mount.

    The upper features an Olympic Arms 'Stainless UltraMatch' 16" Bull Barrel.

    This gun has been test fired for function only, but has not had the barrel break in finished.

    Delton M16A4 USMC Clone -- $SOLD
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    Still for sale? Are you available Tuesday ? I'm in Olympia...

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