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I think it's a good price. I've seen the Federal Top Gun pallets at Bi-Mart a few times now so they appear to be stocking it often. They also sell Federal Top Gun 20GA for 89.99 a case, which is the some of the least expensive 20GA target loads I can find at the moment. 20GA is not in stock as often and usually only a few cases at a time compared to the pallet of 12GA in front of the gun counter.
I purchased it at bimart for $7.99 a box about 3-4 months ago. Thought I was getting a decent deal. Just know going in that the stuff with pink on the box has pink cartridges inside. I looked elsewhere on the shelves and found the same loading with blue hulls. I didn't want my wife to start having doubts about who the alpha male of the pack was! o_O

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