I'm looking to sell or to trade my 3rd Generation Glock 22. I purchased this used from Keith's a little over a year ago and have shot about 350 rounds through it. The envelope holding the documents says "Keizer Police" so my assumption is that it was a trade in.

It comes with a box, 4 magazines (all 4 are 15 rounds), the miscellaneous documents that came with it, and the lock.

WTS: I'd like to get $450 for it as a cash price.
WTT: I'm looking for an HK USP or an HK USP tactical in either 9mm or .40 and I would add cash.

I'll look for any additional documents I may have received from keith's when I purchased it.

Thank you,
Jed B.

Images added 10/25/2010. Bullets not included.

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Do you know if it was armored/serviced before you bought it, or was it a typical Keith's "as is"?

Hello Grizzly,

When I bought it, it was clean and in working order. I can't say if it was serviced prior to my purchase. I just don't know.

I had a friend that knows more about the inner workings of it look it over while we were at Keith's and he guided me to this one, as opposed to some of the other Glock 22s they had.

I hope this helps.

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