3rd Gen Glock 21 w/ Extras

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    Hey all. I am considering the sale of my Glock 21. It is 3rd generation, with:
    Trijicon night sights
    3 mags
    speed loader
    extra recoil rod/spring
    spare aftermarket barrel by Lone Wolf (stainless steel, match barrel).
    Galco leather holster

    I used the aftermarket barrel for reloads, and it has worked well ("softball" reloads..practice ammo). Bores on both barrels are excellent/like new. Frame is excellent/like new except for some grip tape I applied (could be peeled off), and there is only light holster wear on the slide, and even that is really hard to see.

    I've got about $816 in this between the extras, not including tax on most of it, and not including the holster. For the whole shebang?? I would like to see $600, if you aren't interested in the aftermarket barrel $550. The breakdown being something like:

    G21 $550
    Aftermarket barrel $107
    Spare Recoil set up: $8
    Spare mag $26
    Night Sights $125
    Holster Approx. $60
    Just to give an idea of how much you are getting in the deal. It's a great set up, and it has never jammed on me with the factory barrel, and the only time it jammed on me was with my reloads, and it was my fault (insufficient crimp). It has always run like a top.

    Just for grins, this gun is quite accurate. Here is a target that was shot a while back with it. Probably one of my better ones. 11 rounds, essentially through one hole. You can tel by the grouping that I need to practice trigger pull, but that is irrelevant.

    I am wanting to build/buy an AR rifle, and have other handguns in .45acp. This would help me get closer to that goal. Serious inquiries only. There are probably less than 1000 rounds down the tube, split between two barrels, though the aftermarket barrel has seen slightly more use. Will sell FTF in WA. Even willing to meet part way with someone to do the deal, if you are a little farther away. Willing to ship to an FFL, but you would have to cover that shipping.




    This here is an attempt to get a shot of the Trijicons... these things were $125 after tax.

    Now SPF
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