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Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by jmo, Feb 4, 2014.

  1. jmo

    jmo South Carolina New Member

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    I have been looking for a .380 to use for CC. I found that most, or a lot, of them are just too darned small for me. I mean my pinky finger dangles below the handle in the air. I want to get my whole hand on the handle. I also am left-handed and so many pistols are set up as if is a total right-handed world. I can't understand manufacturers not trying in a more broader way to help out us 'lefty's'. I have looked at a number of .380's and most are very small, yet you can get a .22LR which is larger...confusing in a way. I took a good look at a Walther .380, think it was called a PK, anyway it has an ambidextrous magazine release setup (the release control is part of the trigger housing). Along with that it has an ambidextrous safety on the back of the slide (the safety lever is sort of a dual thing as it has a small bar control on both back sides of the slide - great for righty's or lefty's. Another thing I noticed is that compared to a lot of others, the slide pulls back pretty easily and that ease of sliding feature was sort of a plus. My wife found it easier than others and took note of it, too. She carries a .22LR Ruger and really loves it as it is easy sliding and does not kick back much at all when firing (She would really like one of those pistols that allows the barrel to 'flip up' and accept a single round and not have to slide) Another thing I noticed about the Walther, the pistol itself seems to be almost as large as a 9mm or thereabouts, so if you want something small, this doesn't seem to be 'it'. I liked the feel of it and as a safety feature, I call it, you can carry with a round in the chamber as the first trigger pull is a bit hard and LONG, meaning you would find it somewhat difficult to accidentally discharge it should you pull it up and out of your holster. I don't know what I'll be getting, but I'm still looking for the one for me. Hope my comments are of use to someone out there. Regards, James
  2. F2CMaDMaXX

    F2CMaDMaXX West of Portland from England Bullet goes where now? Staff Member Bronze Supporter 2015 Volunteer 2016 Volunteer

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    Well, you may be in luck, the 'just released' Glock 42, is a larger .380, so hopefully it will help with the whole fitting in the hand thing.
  3. jbett98

    jbett98 NW Oregon Bronze Supporter Bronze Supporter

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    I was holding the Walther PPS (9mm) the other day and I think that it would be a step up from the .380 that you are looking at.
    The mag release sure are different and would take a little getting use to, but being right handed it's not an issue for me in general like it is for you.
    Extra mags are fairly expensive, but they're well made.
    Quality is great and all of the reviews are favorable.
    Go on You Tube and look at Hickok45's review of the Walther PPS. It's not any bigger then the Walther .380 and it might fit your hand a little better.
    It comes with a 7rd & an 8rd mag with the pinky extension.
  4. Kruejl

    Kruejl Hillsboro Moderator of the Coriolis effect Staff Member Gold Supporter

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    +1 for the G42
  5. BVB

    BVB PDX Active Member

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    beretta 86 for the tip up barrel.
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  6. Oregonhunter5

    Oregonhunter5 2C IDAHO Well-Known Member

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    I have several .380's and they have value because of the size.
  7. chemist

    chemist Beaverton OR Well-Known Member

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    You can get very nice, inexpensive clones of both the Walther PPK and the Beretta 84. The Bersa Thunder 380 CC is the very well reputed copy of the PPK, and it's my wife's CCW. The ATI MS380, their copy of the Beretta 84, is half the cost of the original and mine has never had a misfeed. It's a double-stacker, and it's sure to be big enough for anybody's hands. But the Bersa fitted with the pinky-rest Promag magazine is big enough for my hands too - barely.
  8. DoubleTapDrew

    DoubleTapDrew Oregon Well-Known Member

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    Most of the little 380s have magazine extensions available for the magazine that allow +0, +1, +2rds etc. As for recoil it's just physics. If you want a little gun in a powerful cartridge you will have increased recoil. Luckily (or not) if you are in the situation where you need it you won't feel it due to the adrenaline dump you'll experience. If you don't like it get a shooting glove.
  9. 1337BaldEagle

    1337BaldEagle Earth Active Member

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    Walther PK380... Love mine, though it likes hot loads or heavier slugs or just a really firm grip.
  10. Reno911

    Reno911 Hillsboro Well-Known Member 2015 Volunteer 2016 Volunteer

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    If size is an issue take a step up to a single stack 9mm. Most of the market 380s are tiny for the reason of being tiny. I'm used to the one I own and feel comfy shooting it (Taurus TCP). However I float my pinky on it like you mentioned. It is a bit larger than other 380s too that may aid a bit. Hard to say really. I would make the jump to the single stack 9mms if you can't find a 380 that you like.
  11. cowboygraphics

    cowboygraphics Beaverton, OR Active Member

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    I like the caliber and round count in the micros is a concern. Similar to Goldilocks I am searching for a 380 double stack, compact or sub (smallish) that is ... just right.
  12. Reno911

    Reno911 Hillsboro Well-Known Member 2015 Volunteer 2016 Volunteer

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    Every once and a while I'll see a Glock 28 for sale. Usually a police officer privately selling one.
  13. LyleLovett666

    LyleLovett666 Seattle Active Member

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    Springfiełd xd sub is what you want.
  14. NavyBob

    NavyBob michigan Active Member

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    Sig P232 or Walther PPK or PPK/s
  15. erudne

    erudne The Pie Matrix PPL Say Sleeping W/Your Rifle Is A bad Thing? Bronze Supporter

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    would rather pack a 22LR
  16. bloodnguts

    bloodnguts Seattle Member

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    Beretta 84 cheetah is about as full size as 380's come. Double stack 13+1. I got 1 from Coles last year for $300(+s/h ffl), it's in around 95%. I think they might have more in stock? I always wanted one but they can be pricey for a 380. Although I think if you want a bigger size 380 you might as well just go up to 9mm.
  17. Certaindeaf

    Certaindeaf SE Portland Well-Known Member

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    Are you trying to sell something? I'm just trying to understand why someone in SC would be making small talk at a PNW site with their first post.
  18. Nick Burkhardt

    Nick Burkhardt NE Oregon Well-Known Member

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    I carry a Bersa Thunder 380CC which is much larger that the micro 380s (LCP, P3AT and TCP)
    8 + 1 and it can handle +p ammo.
  19. Nwcid

    Nwcid Yakima and N of Spokane Well-Known Member

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    Obviously we all like what we like and want but I don't understand your post.

    The point of the small .380 is that it is small. They are meant to drop in a pocket (with proper holster) or somewhere similar. For the gun "size" you are looking for there are many offerings in 9mm and some close in .40. I have never understood (not that is what matters) why someone would choose a .380 over a 9mm in the same size package.

    If I was worried about recoil yet wanted something in a larger package I would probably choose a .22 over a .380.
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  20. 40calruler

    40calruler Lake Oswego Well-Known Member

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    I enjoy the Sig 232 or a 230 if you can find one (the original west German Sig .380) which is what I have and although looks just like a 232 it is a heavier and better gun that fits a large hand and the mag release is on the bottom of the grip so left or right handed makes no difference. However much I like those the CZ 83 is one of my favorite to shoot and just like a Beretta 84 it holds 13 rounds with a double stack mag and my CZ has never failed nor have many others as they have been one of the largest military and police issued guns in a lot of countries. You can find one for 250-300 vs the Beretta at more like 5-600 most of the time. As others said a .380 is normally a give and take as you get one for the small size and ability to conceal. I only own the larger ones because I like the size of a sub compact 9mm with a 13 round capacity. With the weight of the Beretta or CZ if recoil is too much you should stick to .22 as they are both steel framed guns.