.38 SPL LRN, 5 boxes.

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    I have 2 boxes or Remington UMC and 3 boxes of Magtech, both 158 grain LRN .38 special. Also 16 "bonus" rounds of the Remington in a separate box comes with the deal. (I broke out the calculator and it adds up to 266 rounds)

    Yes, factory ammo not reloads.

    If I remember correctly I probably paid $21 per box so the price is $105.00, which is reasonable enough these days. The bonus 1/3 box tossed in for free.

    To keep it simple the price is the price and the only partial trade I would be interested in would be a hardwood-stocked 10-22.

    Meet in Renton for the cash sale. Thank you for reading this long winded blather for the sale of something so simple.

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