.38 Special S&W Pre-Model 40 Hammerless Snub

Discussion in 'Handgun Classifieds' started by Robinett_11B, Aug 21, 2011.

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  1. Robinett_11B

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    Up for sale is a good one, guys. I wanted to hold onto this one, but I found a different gun (though of the same 1950's vintage) to replace it...so even though I know I'll regret it later; I don't feel too terrible.

    This is a S&W Centennial, known after 1957 (when S&W started giving their guns #'s instead of names) as the "Model 40". It was named The Centennial because it was introduced in 1952, S&W's 100th year making firearms.

    This revolver is in excellent shape, especially given the fact that it's ~58 years old! It's blued with a 2" barrel, 5-shot cylinder, original smooth walnut grips (that share the gun's S/N), and a grip safety on the backstrap which has a built in capability to disable w/ a small pin that is stored under the grips. All S/N's match; the frame, yoke, cylinder, barrel, and grips all share the same serial number. There is very little wear on this gun, a couple handling marks here and there and a rub mark on the cylinder that's only really visible at the right angle. This gun is extremely nice, both inside and out, zero rust or pitting. The bore & chambers are bright & shiny and the action on this gun is no joke the smoothest I've ever felt on a J-frame...it makes me feel bad that all my S&W's can't have as good of trigger pulls.

    This gun isn't NIB, but it'd still be a nice addition to a collection...where I think it'd really shine though, is as a CC piece. This was the intended use of this revolver, and it hasn't been used as such in it's over half a century of life..it begs for some good carry and trigger time. It may be an oldie, but it still has a lifetime+ of CC life in it and I wouldn't hesitate for a second to trust my life to it. I'm selling it cheaper than I should, as I'm trying to get the gun-funds together quickly...so please don't offer lower than my quite reasonable asking price. Oh, and that TylerT grip adapter in front of the grips is removable, but aids greatly in the handling of any snub and sell for ~$50 by themselves.

    I'm asking $500 firm for this Centennial and not accepting trades. This is a good price, guys. This is an early Centennial, with the 4 screws in the sideplate a 4 digit serial number...to those that don't know, this is very desireable in these guns. Sorry, no box or papers.

    If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me a PM or post in this thread. I'll post more photos when I get a chance. Sorry for being so long winded, I just wanted to accurately describe this gun.

    Thanks for looking,











  2. Hiram

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    Still for sale? Call me. 541-606-0480. Thanks! Terrence
  3. hariph creek

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    Would somebody buy this already?
    It's making me sick that I don't have the funds available right now.
    I'm tired of looking at it and wishing!
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