.38 Special Colt Police Positive Special + S&W CTG .38 special

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    I have here two .38 specials. I am looking to trade for a CZ75, 85, or SP01. Or a nice .357 / 44mag (atleast 4" barrel). I am not sure of the cash value of these so if anyone can chime in please do.

    The Colt has some rub on the bluing but otherwise good shape for its age. It is a six shooter. 1970 manufacture. $300

    The S&W comes with the holster. It looks like it has had maybe a handfull of rounds through.. looks new. I don't think it was ever carried. $375

    both lock up tight and are very very smooth pulling. I really wish one of them was chambered for 357. Both double/single action.

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    I don't know about the S&W but that Colt is worth good money. You should probably research that a little before some one fast talks you into a bad deal.
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    I agree that it would be a good idea to research it and get an expert opinion. This is just my experience, but I hope this helps. I'm also interested in what some of the others have to say...I know everyone has different opinions on this.

    It has been my experience that condition is everything with guns of this kind. There were so many of these kind of revolvers produced that the original bluing and parts often determine the value.

    For a reference, I was offered one of those older police .38 Colts two gun shows ago for $250 and I turned it down. The gentleman selling it went through the entire gun show and was unable to sell it. He came back to me and offered it for a little less, but I still wasn't comfortable paying that much. Why? 1) It has original Bakelite grips, but one had a small chip (replacing them would mean grips would not be original), 2) The cylinder wasn't locking tightly and needed a slight adjusted (anywhere from free to 50 bucks), and 3) small nut at the end of the ejector rod was missing (get lucky and get if for $1, get unlucky and have to pay $40 or get an aftermarket one). Even if I did get it working perfectly and get the finish restored, the gun would not be original. So, even though it was a Colt with original grips, an entire room full of gun enthusiasts were not willing to pay $250 for it.

    That being said, I have seen S&W round-butt revolvers like that in pristine condition (with no blemishes in the original bluing) sell for around $600, and colts in that condition go for around $800. It's all about finding the right person. Have a great day, and thanks for posting those photos.

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