.38 Special brass

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    I have excess brass I am not going to use. It is all once fired and in good clean shape. Not polished but it is dumped from my cylinders, not picked up off the ground with gravel and dirt - it has some powder residue on it but it is ready to reload or tumble if you prefer. Prices given both ftf Seattle/shipped. Shipping is via flat rate box - if you are close it might be lower and if so I will check and adjust downwards. It weighs right at 1lb/100ct + packaging weight.

    Just plain ole' brass
    200 mixed headstamp brass .38 spcl - $15/$20

    Speer +P nickel brass
    500 nickel +p brass - $35/$45
    1000 nickel +P brass - $60/$70

    (This 98/99% Speer +P nickel, an occasional WW or Federal, also nickel +P, may be mixed in)

    Payment - can do cash, USPS money order, or paypal with 3%.

    Things I could use in trade:
    Yugo SKS 10rd. stock mag
    nice carbine scabbard
    Glock 23 9mm conversion barrel

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