38 Special .32acp and .40 S&W Brass

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    Hey all,
    I have brass that I would like to trade to other loaders. All of this brass is range pick up, and assumed to be once fired. The range I go to has a policy of shooting only their ammo in the guns they rent, and I see many rentals there.
    100 pieces of once fired .38 Special
    10 pieces of once fired .32acp brass
    197 pieces of once fired .40 S&W (more than this now I think, need to count)
    2 pieces .357sig

    Would like to trade for .45acp brass. Once or twice fired is fine. If the brass is still in good shape and loadable I'm good. .45acp seems to have a long casing life.

    Can trade FTF if you are close enough, don't have a problem mailing brass otherwise.

    I have done trades and sales on www.surplusrifleforum.com if anyone wants to ask around about me. I like to believe that I'm a solid, honest guy :p
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