38 S&W Revolver, with all you need to handload.

Discussion in 'Handgun Classifieds' started by Arkarayne, Dec 23, 2010.

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    Selling a piece i've had for a while. It's fun to shoot but i'm going for a bit more practical stuff right now:

    It's a Hopkins and Allen Forehand Model of 1901, Top Break, 5 Shot, 38 S&W Revolver.

    The silver finish is has seen the woes of time, but it's at least 70-80% intact. The firing pin is still strong, contacts well, and the cylinder rotates smoothly. Has a bit of a hard trigger pull, so works best in single-action, but the bore (3.5" barrel) is quite clean, still with strong grooves.
    It's a Transitional model, from when F&W's factory was bought by H&A, so it has the F&W grips (they decided to use up their parts before using thier own) which dates the revolver at 1902-1903.

    Also comes with:
    a Lee model Handloader, made specifically for 38 S&W (hard to find these)

    ~60 38 S&W cases, about 20 brass and 40 nickel. Authentic cases, not homemade.

    A Lee 1 cavity, 150 gr, 3 groove, round nose, .358 lead mold. I find shooting them unsized works well, you might find different results.

    And a few different lead and jacketed boolits, and some loaded rounds to get you started.

    I'll even throw in a couple ounces of Titegroup pistol powder. (2.4-2.5 grains works well, being a top-break you shouldn't use too high of pressure.)

    A great little gun, with lots of life left, and a good start for a hobby shooter or reloader. (pics coming soon.)


    A 9mm carbine
    Mosin nagant rifles, ammo, and gear.
    ammo cans, metal gas cans, general mil-surp.
    Make me an offer :thumbup:
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    standing by.....
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