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    I was going through a box of .32 ACP rounds this afternoon. The box is marked "Remington Kleanbore", .32 ACP, and it's at least 60 years old. These rounds are all FMJ copper coated, with brass casings.

    I found one oddball cartridge that caught my eye because it had an unjacketed, lead bullet. Closer examination revealed that the brass was about .070" shorter than the .32 ACP cartridges, and on the head was stamped ".32 S&W". Wikipedia has this to say about it:

    "The .32 S&W cartridge was introduced in 1878 for the Smith & Wesson model 1½ revolver. It was originally designed as a black powder cartridge. The .32 S&W was offered to the public as a light, defense cartridge, for "card table" distances."

    This box of ammo came with the 1903 Colt Pocket model that was my mother's, so there's no telling how old that cartridge is or whether similar ones have been run through the 1903 Colt, which is chambered for .32 ACP.

    Does anybody know anything about the .32 S&W cartridge, and whether it is safe to fire in the 1903 Colt?
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    I dont believe it would work as the 32S&W is a straight wall for revolvers with a rim at the base similar to a 38spl. The base of the cartridge should be larger than the 32acp which would prevent it from fully chambering.

    32S&W left
    32acp right

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