.375 H&H Dangerous Game rifle

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    Beautiful CZ 550 Safari Magnum worked over by AHR in Montana to be a proper dangerous game rifle for either North America or Africa. Here is their website:

    American Hunting Rifles

    The original gunsamerica.com listing from when I purchased it is still out there on the internet, right here:

    CZ 550 Custom 375 H&H Magnum for sale (918035884)

    If you scroll down and click on the magnifying glass icon it will display 6 photos, and a detailed description of the work done by AHR. The Leupold scope has been seperated from the rifle, and is no longer available. The NECG safari sights however, are excellent and very functional. The rifle is in excellent, like new condition. I have never fired it. Will include aprrox. $1K in factory ammo, jacketed and cast bullets, brass, and dies. Very nice rifle. Please contact me with any questions or if you'd like to see it. $2000 Need the cash, but would consider possible part trade for a pinned barrel Smith and Wesson N or K frame in .357/.38 special. esbshaw@hotmail.com
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