$36 smartwatch from Amazon - my review FYI

link: $36 smartwatch from Amazon

Where to click on Amazon ad to see the User Manual:
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This watch is $36. Works well for that price. I use with iphone. Click on user manual on the Amazon ad to see what it does.

Previously had an inexpensive letscom fitbit knockoff and eventually the wristband came off. It was really good for price other than that. I’m not going to go into detail on this watch unfortunately because it will take too long to write. So I’m just going to give everything a score of 0-10, 10 being best. Expect the battery to grow worse over time (i have not had mine long enough to evaluate long term battery life).

Watch itself:
Watch screen - 5 out of 10 – like apple first watches only turns on when you either press button or raise your wrist to look at it. Slight delay when raising wrist before it lights up
Heart beat monitor – 9 – works excellent for me
Steps monitor (pedometer) – 9 - same as the other pedometers, if you wear on dominant hand then count will be too high
Sleep monitor – 8 – works good shows deep sleep, light sleep, and awake times. Remember that all movement monitors are limited for sleep monitoring compared to fancy sleep monitoring equipment or whatever
Find your phone alarm – 9 – Love this feature
Magnetic charger – 9 – excellent except that it has a cord. Kinda similar to apple laptop magnetic cords.
Texts from phone show up on watch, can delete – 8 - limited in length
Shows incoming calls, can decline calls – 6 – works normal/as expected
Relaxation/breathing trainer – 5 – works normal/as expected
Alarm, stopwatch, countdown timer – 6 – works normal/as expected
Do not disturb for phone – have not used yet
Control phone music player – I don’t use
All kinds of message forwarding from social media apps – I don’t use but there are like 10-15 apps it set up for fwiw
Battery life – unknown. Has been outstanding (loses about 50% in one week) but I’ve only had about 2 weeks. My previous letscom fitbit knockoff was great but lost battery life after about 3 months so I'm skeptical on battery life until I know for sure (it was half the size of the watch though so this may have bigger battery).
Various specific exercise monitors - don't use, not sure how they work

App on Iphone (can’t say about android) – 5- I’m split on it cuz it's a bit hard to understand the menus and icons, but the data is all there and is good data.
Many features of the app are counter intuitive and you have to be patient to go through menus etc. to get what you want. But the data is excellent. For example you can see detailed sleep (or heartrate or steps) for the day, or the week, or the month. But to see the data you have to open one menu then slide to the day, then tap that day. So it takes a bit of fumbling around until you know how to work the app. The app connects to the phone fine, it's the menus/layout etc. that are lacking in user-friendliness.
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I'm a bit of a watch whore... old, new, vintage, whatever. I recently bought my first "smart" watch, a hybrid smart watch from Fossil (on sale under $60).

It tracks my steps, sleep, and does about a million other things that I don't/can't use yet.... I'm a Luddite. The Fossil ap works well on my Android phone.

Good review on the $36 smartwatch, I may be going to something like that, but I figured I'd see if I can even push the caacities of the Fossil hybrid first, before spending more dough.

The hybrid appealed to me because it has an analog face... it's on top
@2A2Dend, there's a pair of vintage Seiko 5 automatics in this box, upper right corner. The black faced one (no band) behind the gold dial piece is broken... know a good watchsmith?


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