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357sig owners

Discussion in 'Handgun Discussion' started by mphillip, Oct 2, 2009.

  1. mphillip

    mphillip lebanon,Oregon Member

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    been looking into getting a pistol in 357sig leaning toward getting a glock since i have never shot sigs all that well (even though i love sig) what kind of 357sig do you guys have?How do you like it? Is ammo for it hard to find and expensive? Any opions would help out.
  2. ainokea

    ainokea Mountlake Terrace, WA Member

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    .357sig is a sweet round, sometimes hard to find and if you do find it it's pretty expensive. If you're going to get a glock i would suggest a Glock 22, then get a 357sig barrel. You can use the same slide and also the same magazine. the only thing you need to change is the barrel. Then you have one gun that can shoot 40s&w and 357sig
  3. mphillip

    mphillip lebanon,Oregon Member

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    can you do that a glock 23 also? I have had my eye on a glock 23 for awhile,how much are the 357sig barrels? Should i stick with a glock barrel if i do that or should i go with a differnt company for the barrel?
  4. Grizzly_A

    Grizzly_A Portland Metro Area Member

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    I've got a 357sig barrel for a Glock22 if you're interested.
  5. sillyrabbit

    sillyrabbit Salem, Oregon Member

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    I've got the G32 (357 Sig) as one of my carry guns.
    I like the caliber and enjoy the gun. Recoil is acceptable and the cartridge is exceptional.

    My wife has the G23 and my G32 .357 Sig parts are interchangeable.

    When we travel I change barrels on one of the guns so we are both carrying the same caliber, sometimes to .40 cal, sometimes to .357 Sig. Depends what we're doing and where were going. I like the .357 Sig for it penetrating characteristics and its ability to penetrate layers of clothing.

    I have found the Sig to be slightly(?) less available than 40 S&W and slightly higher in price, but not nearly enough so to change my approval and desire for the caliber and gun. I'm now reloading for both and coincidentally found the .357 Sig brass slightly less expensive than .40 S&W

    On a personal note, I like the recoil characteristics of the the .357 slightly better than the .40 S&W for what ever reason (?), I can't explain why, I just noticed the difference. The wife said she noticed a slight difference as well, not enough to prefer one caliber over the next (in her case), but noticed never the less.

    As a side note, recently I was looking at some Protective Vests, (just being curious) I asked what calibers they would stop. The answer surprised me, the store owner stated that the new "requirements/standards" (?) of New protective vests is that they stop the .357 Sig and the new 5.7.
  6. buick455

    buick455 se portland Member

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    A couple of notes on the .357 sig :

    the flight pattern of the .357 sig is different than the .40 s&w so the bullets can be off as much as 2-3" at 21 feet. I say this because you may want to choose the gun that will be you primary caliber so it will have the correct sights. I have a .40 cal SIG p229
    and a .357 barrel. Stock one comes with a # 6 front sight and the other uses a #8 front sight. some companies have split the difference and made a #7 sight (not a sig standard)

    Keep your eyes open at the gun shows I found 100gr speer .357 practice ammo $75 -250rds at the gun show at the height of the ammo shortage I think prices will come down
  7. rsmccsman

    rsmccsman Hillsboro Go Blazers!

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    Columbia County SO and CC Community Corrections were talking about switching to Sig 357 a few years ago. I went shooting with them once and got to try it and liked the round. I like the idea of changing the barrel to make a multi-caliber gun. Since the Sig 357 is just a .40 that has been necked down to .357 it creates a high performance round. The extractor on the .40 Glock slide is the same the magazine is the same, just the barrel changes. The Glock 9mm slide won't work. Different size extractor and magazines.
  8. BigBull 301

    BigBull 301 PDX almost Well-Known Member

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    I have a G33 sub compact in .357 Sig that is a great carry gun. Also have a .40 S&W barrel for it.
  9. I-Shoot

    I-Shoot Oregon Bronze Supporter Bronze Supporter

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    I have a G32 that I really enjoy. That said, I bought the .40 (G23) barrel for it, and when I run out of .357sig ammo (I have a few hundred more rounds), I'll switch over and probably never go back. I've just decided that the .357 is too expensive, and I want to stock fewer calibers. There are some hot debates on the larger forums over the years about whether or not .357sig is worth it, and I guess for me its not.
  10. DerekF

    DerekF Seattle, WA Member

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    I have a Sig 229 and 239 in .357sig. I love the round and the fact that I can swap .40s&w barrels. I've also owned a Glock 31. The round is a hoot to shoot but it is pretty expensive.
  11. motoman98

    motoman98 Gresham, OR Active Member

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    Have the round in a Sig P239 and P229, and a the smallish Glock 33
    Good shooters all; I like the round alot!
    Not hard to reload, just use good jacketed bullets that grip.
  12. Silver Fox

    Silver Fox Puyallup, WA Well-Known Member

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    For you G32 owners,

    I have a buddy who owns a G32c and I am knowledgable of GLOCKS, and have found the 9mm barrel conversion, are there negative drawbacks to converting the G32 to 9mm?

  13. smonk

    smonk Oregon Member

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    I'd vote for a Glock. Accurate and reliable.
  14. dario541

    dario541 medford, or 97504 Member

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    I have noticed lately that most gun stores have a lot of .40 S&W ammo. I never seem to see .357 Sig. I don't have either caliber, but if I was to get one of them, I'd pick the .40.