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.357 load for 180grain cast lead with win231?

Discussion in 'Ammunition & Reloading' started by aquariumjunky, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. aquariumjunky

    aquariumjunky Albany, Oregon Active Member

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    Hey anyone got a pet load given the parameters above? 180 grain lead bullet and win231 powder? I have the powder and was thinking of ordering the lead and seeing what it does out of a 6" barrel but my loading info does not have anything for win231 and 180grain.

    Getting my first .357 revolver this week (hopefully) and wanted to start getting stuff together to load me up some test rounds but kinda need a place to start.

    thanks for any help,
  2. jib

    jib Central OR Active Member

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    Slower burning powders work much better with heavy bullets, the pressure curve is more even. With fast powders the pressure spikes to soon producing high pressure with less velocity. I would use AA#9 or 2400 with that bullet, I would not go with a powder faster than Hodgdon's Universal.
    If you do try W-231 for that bullet I would start with 5.4gr ?( just a guess) and work up carefully, I would also keep the test loads at 72-90 degrees F when testing.
  3. Bend

    Bend Central OR Member

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    From Laser-Cast Reloading Manual-

    Cowboy (plinking) load - 231 4.0 grains max, about 760 fps

    Go to a slower powder for non-plinking load.