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WTS OR .357/9mm Ammo for Big Bore Air Rifles


I am selling off my .357/9mm ammo. I would like to sell it altogether.

393 rds. of 66gr Round Balls
291 rds. of 95gr Hollow Point
285 rds. of 105gr Flat Point
200 rds. of 115gr Hollow Point
100 rds. of 118gr Round Nose
100 rds. of 127gr Flat Point
2 tins of 50 Predator Polymag Pellets
1 tin of 100 JSB Diabolo Pellets

A value of $286, I am selling them for $200.
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    Great guy. I've done multiple private transfers over several years. Knowledgeable and thorough.
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    I've done many transfers with these guys. They know their stuff, they're very approachable and...
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    I've always felt comfortable at J&B, first time I ever went there I walked out with a new Glock...
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    It has been a while since I have been in the store just because I don't get to downtown Tigard...
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