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Hey guys, I want to trade my .357 3 inch SP101 revolver for a handgun (preferably in 9mm). I bought it two years ago, and I just don't shoot it enough. (and frankly, I just shoot semi autos better :/) There are some minor marks on this firearm, so its not 100% perfect, a few on the trigger guard and on the barrel, but overall it’s in good shape. It was primarily a range toy and occasional CCW. I haven't shot it very much, maybe 350-400 rounds since I got it- I did get it used though, so I don’t know how many rounds it’s got through it.

I prefer steel frame lefty friendly cocked and locked handguns, so I'm primarily looking for CZ-85/75SAs/Stainless/Pre-B* or High Powers with ambi safeties (willing to add cash for a decent BHP). Other trades I’m willing to consider would be a RIA Tactical, or another decent 1911 in .45 ACP.

*only non lefty CZ I'm willing to consider

I'll include the following items in my trade:

-Gun (obviously)
-Hogue Grips (sorry, I don't have the original grips)
-3 HKS 36-A speed loaders
-wolff recoil springs (8lb trigger return spring, and 9, 10 and 12 lb hammer springs in addition to the original springs)
-(if you have a K frame, I can also throw in a K frame 10-A speedloader for free, since I no longer have a K frame)
-1 Bianchi Speed Strip (possibly 2 if I can find the other one)
-71 bvac wadcutters
-25 .357 Remington gold saber 125 grain JHPs
-10 Speer gold dot 38 spl+p.
-62 rounds of pmc 158 grain .357 jsp
-I box of Independence 130 grain .38 spl fmj
-56 rounds of wwb 38 spl+p sjhp
-314 once fired cases (if anyone reloads)
-left handed leather Simply Rugged Pancake OWB/IWB holster with removable belt loops
-Can of Mothers Mag Polish (works great for maintaining the stainless steel)

FTF either in Bellevue or the U-District, I will require CPL or WAC ID before commencing with the trade though. Alternatively, I’m willing to meet up at the Puyallup Gun Show on the 23rd-24th

EDIT: Added a cash price. 495 for the whole package. (Split up, it'd be 380 for the gun, speedloaders, and springs, 80 for the ammo and 35 for the holster)




(the opened box consists of all the partial boxes combined into one. 21 BVAC, 12 PMC 357, 1 PMC 38, 10 Speer Gold Dot, 6 WWB JHP. The other boxes haven't been touched. I don't reload, all the ammo I'm including is store bought,so no questionable reloads.)
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Would you be interested in a 1985 S&W Model 624 6 1/2 inch 44 Special? It is "Like Brand New", I have never fired it. I was looking to get $400 for it, so I could do I trade + $100 for what you have. Send me a note mandodoc99 at yahoo dot com. I have a CPL and can travel. I REALLY like that 101....
Sorry bro, I sold my SP101 nearly 4 months ago on a different forum, and completely forgot about my listing here. That's a beautiful Revolver, and I would have made the trade in a heartbeat though, good luck finding a SP101!

Anyways, this may be a little late, but the SP101 is SOLD.
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