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    I'm looking for a second opinion on a load i'm working up. I have .358in 180gr Penn lead truncated bullets on top of AA #9 (working up from 10.7 to 11.7) lit with CCI SPP in starline brass and a 3/4 turn crimp. But the COL is not working out to the cast crimping groove. Lee and Accurate call for a COL of 1.675in but i can only manage 1.600 but that is better than the standard length of 1.590 used on most 357 loads. None of my loads are compressing the powder charge at this depth. I fully understand that reduced case capacity raises pressures.
    Any experience or guidance in this situation?
    I'm loading for a Marlin and a GP100 in the attempt to find a warm load that is accurate and penetrate angry critters at sane ranges.

    Here is the info I am working with.
    AA#9 Lead Data: COL 1.675, 10.4gr-11.6gr, 1145fps
    Lee Lead Data: COL 1.675, 11.3gr-12.6gr, 1368fps
    AA#9 jacked Data: COL 1.575, 10.8gr-12.0gr, 1202fps
    Lee 170gr Jacked Data: COL 1.565, 12.2-13.5, 1482fps
    .38 Caliber Bullets Available From Penn Bullets

    Any help would be appreciated,

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