WTS OR .35 Whelen ammo & components

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    I've got -
    265) empty once fired
    35 Whelen brass cases.

    All fired in a SAAMI spec chamber. Not a custom made gun.

    50) brand new Remington unprimed brass cases.

    40) rounds of Remington
    .35 Whelen
    250gr PSP factory loaded ammo.

    52) rounds of Federal
    .35 Whelen 225 gr Trophy Bonded Bear Claw factory loaded ammo.

    20) hand loaded .35 Whelen 250gr PSP 45gr/4895. (Not loaded by me)

    100) Hornady Interlock 250gr SP 35 cal bullets

    100) Speer 250gr Spitzer 35 cal bullets.

    One set of Hornady Custom Grade New Dimension .35 Whelen full length dies. Never used.

    $250 obo takes it all.

    Send me a PM if interested.
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