.35 WCF Load data needed PLEASE!

Discussion in 'Ammunition & Reloading' started by KalamaMark, May 24, 2012.

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    I inherited an 1895 Winchester, chambered in .35 Winchester Center Fire (not self loading) from my great uncle, who inherited it from my Great Grandfather.

    I've come into some really, really cool circumstances where I have been selected to go on a guided bear hunt on Vancouver Island in less than a month.

    I would really like to use this rifle to harvest a bear.

    I have shot and function tested the rifle with 100 year old ammo that came with it, and I have ten rounds of mystery aftermarket ammo. I have reloading dies, and 40 rounds of virgin brass from Australia.

    I need data, though. I have one book that lists loads, but all of the powders listed were obsolete before my father was born. I hear of a publication called 'Ken Waters Pet Loads' that has some fairly modern data for the .35 WCF, but I can't find anything online, short of ordering and waiting for a book.

    Can anyone help me with data?

    Many thanks in advance!

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