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.340 Weatherby ?

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by shooter, Sep 17, 2009.

  1. shooter

    shooter Ridgefield Member

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    I'm looking to get some opinions from those of you who have more experience with large caliber rifles than I do.
    I have a hunting buddy who wants to swing a trade for one of my handguns. He has a .338 WM, a .340 WBY Mag, a .375 H&H, and a .30-378 Mag that he has offered up as trade bait.
    Does anyone have any experience with this particular caliber and any opinions they care to share? If I make the trade I would most likely use the rifle for Elk hunting even though it may be overkill.
    Please help.
  2. rmlarsen

    rmlarsen Seattle Member

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    I would take the Weatherby first, .338 next in preference. If it's a Weartheby brand rifle, they are the best around in MHO and I have owned 2 of them. And, the older the Weatherby, the better. Look for one made in Germany.

    As far as the caliber either will be more than enough for elk. Remember. it's not the size of the hole but the location. You need a caliber you can shoot well under hunting conditions.
  3. deadeye

    deadeye Albany,OR. Moderator Staff Member

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    338 is good for elk.
    340 all I can say is good gun smith and MUZZLE BREAK!
    as far as the others all I can say is bend over when purchasing ammo. The 30-378 ammo was $75 a box before the shortage.:wow: I would start thinking "reloading" if you don't already.
  4. orygun

    orygun West Linn Bronze Supporter Bronze Supporter

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    It boils down to what you want the rifle for and how well you deal with recoil. The 338 and the 375 are probably close in the amount of bump, with the .375 having a bit more. Most people find both of those pretty harsh. If you find those harsh, you will not like the .340, especially without a brake. If it has a break, bring earplugs! The .340 is probably one of the best at throwing big power at any kind of real distance (300-400 yards +). If it was me, I'd go for the .375, but I handload everything. (I shoot a .375 Ruger fairly regularly) If you don't handload and you want a great elk rifle with many choices of ammo, the .338's the way to go. It's the most popular and easiest to find ammo for. You will never be at a loss for power, either.
  5. johnboy

    johnboy Hillsboro Member

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    Have used 338 for years, and yes, it is overkill unless you hunt in Griz country. Alaskans will tell you 338,340,375 are what you need (and larger) if you think you may encounter Griz and you are concerned for your life. As has been said, 340 is fine if you have cases on hand to re-load....or pay the price for the ammo. 338 is readily available and plenty of gun. 340 has a few more fps and energy so will be a little flatter, longer etc. But how much more is the real question. Someone said it already....shot placement is THE single most important part. If you flinch with the big cannon, all that power is wasted....As for your choice.....it is up to you...just think it through.....
  6. shooter

    shooter Ridgefield Member

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    Thanks for the input guys...
    Both the .338 and the .375 are Win Mod 70's (post 64), and I'm not sure of the make on the 378. I checked the price on a box of 378 today...$105-$115/box!!

    All four guns have breaks and I don't have a problem with the recoil. At least that I know of, I've never fired anything larger than a .338 or a .45-70.

    I don't load rifle or handgun ammunition, just shotgun ammo. But, the price of ammo isn't a real deterrent since I wouldn't be firing more than maybe a box or two per year.
  7. Buano

    Buano NC Member

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    Is your buddy looking to sell the .375 H&H, and a .30-378 Mag? If so, I am interested. I would be very interested in the .340 if you don't end up with it.

  8. wickedgoodoutdoors

    wickedgoodoutdoors Saco,Maine Member

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    I sold my .340 Weatherby Mag last year and have some Ammo leftover.

    If you get that rifle. Buy my Ammo

    If you decide not to get it pass your friends Email on to me, I might be interested in the rifle. I had one of the old Mark V's that were made in the SACO,Maine plant that is now General Dynamics. They still make the .30 & .50 cals for the US Military but no longer civilian weapons. I liked the rifle. Extreamly accurate and did not kick more than a .30-06 with the compensator. It had a 38 inch long Barrel , is good for long range 2,000 yard shots. Excellent for Moose.

    .340 Mag Original Factory ammunition 2 full unopened boxes of Weatherby 200 grain and one Weatherby 3/4 Fullbox of heavier 225 or 250 grain

    All for $200.

  9. rodell

    rodell Newcastle, WA Active Member

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    The .340 Wby is quite the round, expensive to buy the rounds, but, a whole lot of punch. It would be myh preference. Do be prepared for some push, and, some ear protection!

  10. roguebowhunter

    roguebowhunter medford Member

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    dang wish i had the pistol and the friend that would trade me for that 340 .... Don