311 Tactical Solutions Grand Opening - Vancouver, WA

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    Hey all :wave:

    I had seen some threads through NWF about this shop but figured I would put one on here for them as well since it's been mentioned in the others.

    They are already open, but will be doing a grand opening event October 5th. The event will host free food, a free raffle for some pretty neat products and then a paid raffle ($5 / ticket) for an AR 15 kit. They're going to have some vendors there and supposedly just picked up a lot more handguns and rifles, and will be getting more ammo in for this weekend.

    For those of you that go to the open carry events, you may have seen this, but they were also featured on their social media (Facebook) page:
    New Gun Shop in Vancouver, WA! - YouTube

    Here is their info:

    311 Tactical Solutions
    212 NE 164th Ave Suite 22
    Vancouver, WA 98684

    Phone: (360)936-1926

    Again, that's October 5th
    On their grand opening they said they will be open from 10 until 7pm, and possibly later if needed.

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    I just stopped in there this morning and chatted with them for a bit. They make some good coffee. Real nice people and only a block or so from home. Ive already decided to buy my next gun from them.

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