WTS/WTT WA .308 Hornady lock n load reloading setup powder bullets primers accessories

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    I never got into reloading like I thought I would so I'm selling my setup. I've reloaded maybe 50 rounds with it and everything is less than a year old. I think $300 picked up is a fair price for all of it and I would like to sell or trade it as a kit. I'd like to trade it for a 12ga I can use for waterfowl/turkey.

    Hornady Lock N Load single stage press
    Hornady .308 die set
    Hornady Reloading Book 9th Edition
    Hornady One Shot Case Lube
    Lee Perfect Powder Measure
    Lee case trimming tools
    Lee deburring tool
    Lee primer pocket cleaner
    Lyman universal decapping die
    Frankford Arsenal digital scale
    RCBS Case Lube Kit
    MTM universal loading tray
    MTM RM-50 cartridge case
    MTM RF22-SM cartridge caase
    Plano 1229-50 cartridge case
    .308 Winchester Loadbook

    ~2/3 lb IMR 8208 XBR powder
    ~1/2 lb Hodgdon H4895
    20x Winchester WLR Large Rifle primers
    100x CCI BR-2 Large Rifle Primers
    100x Federal Champion NO. 210 Large Rifle Primers
    100x Remington No. 9 1/2 Large Rifle Primers
    ~70x Hornady #30452 165gr SST .308 bullets
    ~75x Hornady #3040 165gr SP Interlock .308 bullets
    100x Hornady #3031 150gr SP Interlock .308 bullets
    26x cleaned, sized, deburred, primed(Winchester WLR) ADI twice fired .308 cases

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    2014-09-16 20.26.31.jpg
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