.308 FN made Mauser 98

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    As best I can tell, this was a Mauser made by FN and sold to the Colombians, it was then imported to the US and the owner put a .308 Mauser barrel on it, the barrel is actually made by FN too though, so it's a good match. The military stock has been replaced with a Fajen monte carlo stock, but the metal is unaltered (except for the barrel).

    This would be a good rifle to remove the barrel and build your own rifle using a high quality FN made 98 action, or keep it as is; the barrel is mirror bright, and has very strong rifling.

    There is bluing wear, and a patina over parts of the barrel and on the bolt. No pitting at all.

    I'm not a hunter so this rifle is not something I really need, and as I have no clue what this would be worth, I'm only putting it up for trade. I like German or South American mausers in 8mm or 7mm, Finnish mosins, most other mil-surp guns (I have enough russian mosins though), AK-47 or AK-74 (a Yugo M70 would be really nice), .357 revolvers, single action revolver in .45 LC or .44-40, side by side shotguns, and who knows what else. Send me a PM with what you have and we can go from there.

    Feel free to ask any questions!



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