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308 Winchester
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Selling all of my 308 win stuff. Shoot my reloads at your own risk or pull bullets and reuse.

17 rounds Federal factory ammo
73 reloads: Nosler brass, 43.7g of Varget, Barnes Match Burner 175g bullets
50 empty Nosler cases (bag of 12 and 48 in pic)
41 empty cases, mostly LC and a couple S&B
43 empty FC cases
32 reloads: Nosler brass, Barnes MB 175 bullets, Varget powder in various charges (load development set)
20 reloads: Nosler brass, Barnes MB 175 bullets, AR Comp powder in various charges
16 178g Amax bullets
19 168 Nosler CC bullets
127 Barnes Match burner bullets

Total Nosler Brass count: 175 cases

All brass is 1-3x fired by me (I bought the brass new, not range stuff). Most of it looks like its 1X. All primed bass is using Federal Large Rifle primers (not magnum or match).

Also available but not in the pic is a Redding 2 die set #80155 (no shell holder) and a Lee FCD in .308 win.

I'd like to sell or trade all as a single lot,

Bullets, ammo and brass: $135
308 Dies: $60

Trades (can add cash if needed)
1-6x scope
Range Finder (1000 yard minimum)
Spotting scope
Large frame AR lower
Reloading supplies for 223, 6.5cm, Grendel, 9mm, 10mm, 45acp
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