.300WM 180 grain remington cor locks for another brand of .300wm ammo

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    I bought 2 brand new boxes 300WM 180 grain remington cor locks just 2 weeks ago

    Turns out my browning is very finicky about ammo used. The previous owner said it liked partitions the best. but factory partition loaded ammo is expensive so i tried these first as this is what i had available. I

    I always liked core locks and and they have never failed me in the field but i want more accuracy to make up for my age not being as stable as i used to be.

    i went out and tried it will remington and federal and some high end winchester and it liked the $40 a box winchester the best

    so i am looking to trade this for some more of the winchester or something that uses partitions or ? it must be hunting ammo and i will pay any cash difference to even things out.

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