3000 large rifle primers

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    I have 3000 federal #210 large rifle primers that are current production, they have not been sitting around for ages. Cash price is 100 obo or always willing to entertain trades. biggest requirment is you must be wa resident or willing to drive to washington. i know a lot of people ship primers but if your not a certified haz mat shipper its a felony an im not certified and i cant find anyone in my area that is and in my line of work im not wanting nor going to be risking a felony, even if chances are slim to none. sorry. Just let me know what you got. Worst I can say is no thanks

    list of desired trades

    small pistol standard or mag primers
    40 cal bullets
    40 cal brass
    9mm bullets
    9mm brass
    imr 4064 powder
    .308 bullets
    pistol powders


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