WTS/WTT OR 300 Blackout fully loaded

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    • Bravo Company Upper
    • Surplus Ammo & Arms Reaper lower
    • KAC 2 stage 4.5lbs trigger adjustable
    • Custom Match grade 14.5 inch stainless steel free floating barrel with 1:7 twist
    • with a pinned and welded 51t AAC Breakout Muzzle Break
    • KAC URX 3.1 12.5 inch hand guard with integrated front flip up sight
    • KAC micro flip up 600 meter rear sight, USMC
    • Magpul STR stock
    • Magpul ASAP Plate
    • Magpul enhanced trigger guard
    • Magpul MIAD grip Stippled ?oh=d2954a5e5075ec099481f65a59bbd48d&oe=5494C396&__gda__=1419685803_0c1bc51abcf00a20b0090b322abebf32 ?oh=012b14921e0be222e79400018e4c651b&oe=54914607&__gda__=1418888786_c9d4d3e4183ad731466ebc8ff371b489
    • Magpul BAD lever
    • Rainer Arms Raptor Charging Handle
    • ambi safety
    • BCM full auto Bolt Carrier
    • Nickel Boron Bolt
    • KNS anti rotation pins
    • ?oh=965a3686d59f82c7d7f4cab7f0b90f64&oe=54A94374&__gda__=1419498507_3d30eeb7eebf2b57b4d59ca936a057d9 1977128_10152656731472822_8165787162271657260_n.jpg?oh=c6bbb3a7df1ac64c0dfaf1f35d839b6d&oe=548BC534
    300-400 rounds through it About 2 years old I am the only owner. I painted it just with good old rattle-can Camo from Home Depot, and a Laundry Bag for the texture, Punisher on the Right side of the Mag well is just from painting over a decal, and the Black Punisher on the stock is just a decal. I love this rifle and hate to sell it but I am trying to fund a AR-10, and so I am open to trades for a completed AR-10 type of rifle. This is a very accurate rifle. I built it for the larger rounds, and to generate a set of backup parts for my other AR-15.

    the Optic, the flashlight, Surefire magazine, quick release sling attachment, and index clips are not included.


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