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I'm posting this as a thank you to those who served and share their sage wisdom from lessons learned in battle in areas related to domestic self defense. This is not an easy thing to do as military operations and citizen defender actions differ greatly. However, our own @Andy54Hawken has a gift that he has shared many times over the years I have been on this forum relating his experience in battle to current self defense topics. Often sobering and bringing threads back from the bravado of, "I would just do this..." banter, and what it is really like on a two-way range, other times more real-world lessons on how things really play out at the tactical level, his insight just on this forum alone has been of a value that cannot be overstated. I try never to speak for others but I know many here value not only his wise counsel but his willingness to share in his most humble manner.

Today I will remember and pray for the 18 service members who lost their lives and 73 (I'm sure there were many more) listed as injured during this battle along with all the others who were there. The term hero is tossed about lightly, but the list of those who were officially honored during this short period is extensive, many others no doubt are deserving.

Just because someone was in the service, in battle, in law enforcement, involved in a DGU, etc., does not necessarily make them good at relating information that is helpful for the armed citizen. Some use their "titles" and IMHO seem to not be good at relating useful information. Some border on reckless. We are blessed to have Andy here along with others of you (we generally know who you are) and appreciate you sharing something that is not easy to do. There is a reason why your posts-to-likes rate is extremely high.

Thank you.
They don't make them like Gary Gordon and Randy Shughart anymore. The baddest of bad assess going into a fight they knew they weren't coming back from to buy their guy more time.
Thank you @WillametteWill
Your post means a lot to me.

30 years ago I was a young Sergeant trying to keep his recon team alive.
And while I wouldn't want to relive those days...I wouldn't wish 'em on anyone else either.

30 years ago , sometimes seems like a lifetime ago...other all comes back to me.
30 years ago is always with me .

While that was not my first combat was one of the most intense combat experiences I have had.

A man is never truly gone if he is remembered.
Take a moment...and remember...keep someone alive forever.

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