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I would like an experienced shooter to test these and compare them to your current load. Even though I shoot off a bi-pod, I am on heart meds and they cause my hands to shake a bit. So I really need some one with steady hands to evaluate these. A chrono would be a plus, but not required. I have been reloading for about five years, and I've had very good results with MI Carbine, 38/357. But the best I can do with the .223 is a three inch group at 50 yards. So I'm trying to figure out if its my load, my gun, or me. Load info:
Twice loaded LC brass @ 1.550
Win/WSR primer
H-335 with 23.2gr.
O.A.L. 2.260
Barns 69gr. BT Match
I'm a retired machinist and keep very good tolerances on my reloading. If you think you need more, that can be done. Thanks
Hi Ted,
I have an LMT, stock barrel, Geissele 2 stage, and some other small tid-bits. Another member has volunteered to meet me at the English Pit. Another downside to accuracy is my 1-4 scope. I will probably have to boost that up. I have a Nikon 6-18 on my 10-22 target rifle which works great. I really appreciate the suggestions. Thanks.
Twist rate on your barrel?

Have you run various weights of factory ammo through it to see what it likes?

I've had barrels that were pretty picky in the past, but for the most part, they would all shoot under 2MOA with my reloads. ( 55gr hornady fmj over 25gr H335 in who knows how many fired range pick up brass )

Make sure your muzzle device isnt getting hit by the bullet and is tight on the barrel. Give the feed ramps and chamber a once over for anything that would damage the bullet ( burr or gouge )

6 moa from an LMT tells me there may be more than just your loads going on here.....
Yes, I've tried 55, 62, & 68/69 factory stuff. I have currently tested Hornady RLD Match 73gr. Hornady V-Max 60gr. & Hornady Match 68gr. Very slightly the winner is Nosler 69gr. Custom Comp. I have also checked chamber length ,& use the OAL max bullet length 2.260. So, while it could still be me, I need to remove that possibility before I go for a new barrel. So far my search has me buying a LaRue Predatar, great reviews. Thanks for the thoughts and ideas.
Ideally both. DrStrangelove is going to give me a hand when the weather gets nice again. I will post with all the lessons learned. Or hopefully leaned.
Yes, I have tried a number of different factory ammo. All with same results. So it looks like its me or the barrel. Thanks for the thought.
Too bad you're not closer, I have a bolt action Savage .223 that would be a good test rifle, with the right loads, it's easily capable of 1/2 MOA accuracy. At the other end of the spectrum, I have a Ruger Mini 14, it's better than folks give them credit for, but probably a 2-3 MOA rifle depending on ammo. Good luck.

I have a crap load of H355 under my belt . I couldn't get that great of grouping above 62 gr projo's......but my best groups came from the upper end of the scale on velocity ........I have a 55 gr load that is super tight with 355 but it is above max charge .
AR Comp works killer for me in the 69/77gr realm .
DizzyJ -Do you have a problem getting good groups with other rifles?[/QUOTE]

Not really. I have custom a 10-22 target rifle that I can easily hold a 3/8" 3 shot group with at 50 yards ( 18X Nikon ). And the gun is better than I am. I also shoot an M1 Carbine with which I can get three inch groups at 50 yards with a red dot. My problem with the AR in my mind is a small scope ( 1-4 ), reloads & factory ammo not matched to my barrel, and shooter error. I'm stubborn, so I ill eventually get this sorted out. Thanks for the thoughts.
PS, this was my best ever target. Most groups commonly go out to 3".

.223 range.jpg

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