So, I went about cleaning up the magazine storage, organizer-thingy, then realized in needed to be replaced. However, whilst doing so, I noticed I had jettisoned most, though not all, of the wacky feeding devices for the lonely carbine that runs from STANAG magazines.

Which leads me to the question: what greater-than-standard-magazine devices do you like, use, or otherwise recommend? Which are total crap? Most importantly, why to both? (It can be anything; box magazines, coffin mags, drum mags, belts, or something else.)

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I use good ol’ USGI magazines (20rd & 30rd) for the American MSR’s , good ol’ steel WARSAW issue banana mags for the Kalashnikovs, and modified USGI M14 mags for the .308 Galil.

Why? Because I’ve used them since the 80’s w/o a single problem.

I think I have one 30rd Gen-3 Magpul that fits the MSR’s, but I’ve never used it.
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I hear you. While my answer is super-boring, the little I shoot ARs, I kind of just stick with 20-round box magazines. (Oh, there's 30s and at least one of the coffin mags floating around, and at least one lil' flush-fitting hunting mag. But, yah, the old 20-round box mags just work.)
I prefer the portability and weight of the 30 rounders compared to larger capacity mags (but have 20s also). I prefer okay industries sure feed and pmags. Looked into the quad stack and drums and I never get past just looking at them cuz I don't see the benefit for my use. I can throw on the blu force bandolier and have 6 30 rounders Carried comfortably. But just personal preference and someone else may feel the opposite. The only reason I could see buying one is because they will be banned.
>30 for AR's.... none, zip and nada. I have "tried" a couple of drum's, a couple stick 50's and even surefire's 100rd mag, but haven't found any of them to be reliable or practical enough to be worth holding onto. Fun experiments, but they're all someone elses headache now.

10's, 20's and 30's just work.

Drums, I found unreliable and while I didn't really have issues with the sticks, they just weren't practical in terms of weight (throws off muscle memory and time on target) and no readily available way to really carry them. I prefer pouched and readily accessible vs. trying to rummage around for a loose mag out of a pack or similar.
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To answer my own question:

  • I, generally, don't shoot this type of carbine any more. Not knocking them, just not my cup of tea. (The AR we have left was kept because my spouse wanted it for herself and it is NFA so more of a pain to dump.)
  • The metal 20 and 30 rounders work. I prefer the 20s; light, easier to shoot whilst prone, have some old web-gear that works with them, and no malfunctions.
  • I've tried those metal 60-round, coffin magazines, and still have one in storage. In experience with them, they run like a top, and are easier to load than a drum. I wouldn't buy one again, personally, though if my experience is indicative of how well they work, I'd imagine they'd be fine for others.
  • I found a polymer 40-rounder whilst looking. No recollection if I ever shot the thing.
  • The few D-60s I tried work. Not bad for a drum, but it still has some of the down-sides inherent with being a drum. I sold them off.
  • The couple little mags (a 5 and 10 rounder), unsurprisingly, work fine.
  • A friend/colleague of mine, who I've now lost contact with, had a neato 100-round, Chinese drum for his "hurricane rifle" that was surprisingly effective. Alas, I cannot remember the name. (A different fellow, though from the same era/operation tried those 90-round snail drums. Results less than ideal ... to put it mildly.)
  • Don't recall on the Beta-C magazines. The little I've played with them on other firearms, the results were mixed, and seemed to vary depending on type of firearm. (But this was some time ago, so my memory is hazy.)
Here is the deal as I see it...the AR is a slim, trim fighting machine that excels at the ability to accurately and rapidly put shots on target from awkward positions with less than ideal mounting of the weapon, when you start adding brinks to it those characteristics are shot to hell and it turns into something heavy and cumbersome to manage.
I must admit that I have a dozen or so Magpul M3 20 round Magazines just for 300BLK so I don’t screw up and use them to in the 556. :eek: :eek: :eek:
I also got the bands for each caliber. ;)

BEA43CB0-CD27-4734-B408-1FD3AFDC7F68.jpeg 3893586B-DB35-4F92-B4AB-A1257ADD7AE2.jpeg
Global Ordnance made things way to easy to acquire a significant amount of 30 rounders.

I read an apocalypse novel where the guy put his wife in a bunker with 5 ammo cans full of loaded 30 round mags and told her she can only stop shooting if she’s dead or her gun melts. I will always remember that scene in the book as not only did it make me smile, it’s exactly what I’d do.

@CountryGent , if the wife’s the one thinking that little carbine you have is her ideal
rig if stuff goes down. I think you would like that idea too!

Im not a huge fan of the drums. The 40 round ones are pretty slick. I mostly got them as they were that sand color that rit dye works well with. However they are great, work just as well as the 30s.

I'll stick with 30 rounders. Kind of the mundane GI and Magpul mags kind of guy. But I also like Lancer mags...a couple Amend 2 and Hexmags that work ok for range plinking. Not a fan of drum mags and don't really like 20 rounders. The only 20 round mag I kept was a Lancer before losing them all when the boat sank.

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