30 BR and Savage target action

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    I just completed building my new rifle...a Savage dual-port target action, and their bench-rest stock, a Krieger 1/17 twist barrel at 24 inches, and a Weaver scope 36-T with a 3.5 Optical Booster. The reamer I used was a Robinett 30 Br from Pacific tool, made by Dave Kiff.
    The action needed no real work, it came true of threads and face and lug area. The dual-port is great, you eject on the right side with the bolt [right hand] and feed from the left side...very slick!! I put a tactical bolt handle on mine because I like the longer, slimmer profile. After a full morning of threading fitting and chambering the barrel to action, I finished up my work on 100 pieces of Lapua brass... a .328 neck on the brass and a chamber neck of .330. I went to the Albany range on Thurs. to break in the new barrel and fire-formed the brass with 117 gr. Fowler bullets and H4198. It was stormy and very wind, switching all over the place, and still the groups were very consistent, all of them! Smallest 5 shot was .302...not bad for fist time out and fire forming brass. I get to go out this Thurs. and crono and build my load...hope the weather is better! I can't say enough about this great little round. Very efficient, very accurate and easy to clean...the barrel life is well over 7,000 rounds!! I'll keep you updated as I find out more about this rifle.

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