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Discussion in 'Northwest Hunting' started by gunfreak, Nov 5, 2010.

  1. gunfreak

    gunfreak Boise Well-Known Member

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    Shot my blacktail doe last night. First year using my own handloads. 30-06 168gr Nosler E-Tip. Golf ball size hole for an exit. Didn't run very far. I am really impressed with those solid copper rounds that bullet mfg are putting out. Gonna be some good meat for taco's, chilli, spaghetti, etc.
  2. johnboy

    johnboy Hillsboro Member

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    I use the Barnes 180 in my 06 and have worked well for deer and elk....they stay together and expand well.....
  3. salmonriverjohn

    salmonriverjohn N.W Oregon coast, Gods country Well-Known Member

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    Congratulations! There's nothing like Black tail meat, it's not Elk,, it's not Mule deer and it sure as heck isn't store bought. I love the venerable old 06. I wont bore anyone with load data, but I use 180 gr. nosler partitions. I shoot the old .338 win mag with 250 gr. partitions for Elk, but that said I would stick my neck out and say the -06 is THE BEST all around cartridge ever developed from a hunters point of view, what a choice of bullet weights and loads there are to choose from. No other one cartridge can compare to it's options. Yes there are those that will say the .270 and the .308 can, but in reality they dont offer the vast low to top end choices, and yes they are both fine choices also.
  4. usmc

    usmc oregon Active Member

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    congrats!yeah you cannot beat the all copper bullets.a bullet that will retain 80% of its weight was considered good, now they are 98% or better. i also shot my buck with a copper bullet, barnes 165.if you had a bullet that is a 180 and it is now a 140 there's 40 grains of lead spread throughout the meat,whether you see it or not. i'd much rather eat copper than lead lol.