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My dad passed in March and going through his basement I found a bunch of .30-06 and .308 blanks. They are Lake City with the red cardboard plugs. Anyone have any ideas on what I should do with these? Are they good for cutting down and reloading as standard rounds? I don't do .30-06 so those probably will be sold. Are they worth much? If so any idea on pricing?

EDIT: Just found a smaller quantity of .308 blanks with star crimped tops

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They do have a market value so if check that first before cutting anything. Blanks tend to cost more than loaded rounds.
Most of the prices I saw were discontinued/out of stock prices. I need stuff gone but don't want to give it away. I'm looking more for a value that a NW Firearms buyer would see and buy at.
Blanks sell fairly cheap on gunbroker; there's someone selling what looks like German 7.62 NATO blanks 1k round case for $160 shipped.
5.56 blanks were popular for a while, for the guys with can launchers.
I don't know about 30-06 blanks. I have a bunch too, don't know what to ever do with them.

As far as reloading them, it can be done, but in my opinion it's a bit of a fool's errand. In my years of tinkering when I was younger, I reloaded just about every type there was, as I had more time than money. For a variety of reasons, it's really not worth the hassle.
1K blank round is a primed 308 case for 16 cents each with alittle work.

I bought 6500 German Hirtenburger 7.62 blanks for 2 - 4 cents apiece (can't remember) back about 15 years ago. Ran them though a Dillion 1500 Rapid Trim then resized with a modified neck expander to get rid of the rolled over should and again through a trimmer. Loaded them up for a H&K 91 with a fluted chamber. Lost about 40% of that once fired brass re-sizing it to load a second time.

Don't get me wrong, it is alittle work.
Blanks are like masturbating with out the pay off! :s0140:

If any one wants, I got a couple hundred 5.56 blanks that some how ended up in my bags as I was out processing, Honestly, I only wanted the mags they were loaded in, but got the blanks too anyway! Hit me up, sell um cheap! :s0155:

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