3 S&W Pre-locks

Discussion in 'Handgun Classifieds' started by papalondog, Jul 6, 2010.

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    Never fails.... found one I just have to have and need cash. So for sale only, no trades. No boxes or papers with these. The first two make a great pair!!!!

    1. (Sale Pending) Smith and Wesson model 24-3 44 Special, N-Frame, 3 inch barrel, RR/WO sites, round butt with combat fingergroove grips. This gun is 98%++ and VERY nice. $750

    2. (Sale Pending) Smith and Wesson 624 (no dash) 44 Special, N-Frame 3 inch barrel, RR/WO sites. A couple of minor scratches above the emblem on the frame, purely minor cosmetic marks that could probably be cleaned up. I'll say 95% just because of the small scratch. $725

    3. Smith and Wesson model 19-2 .357 magnum. Nice solid shooter quality with perfect timing and lock-up. This is a steal at $450


    If these aren't gone by this weekend I will pull them as my other deal will fall through.........
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