3-gun AR-15 - 18" SS barrel w/ FF tube $700 (Central OR)

Discussion in 'Rifle Classifieds' started by tradja, Dec 8, 2012.

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  1. tradja

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    I built 2 of these guns (identical except for one has a Magpul polymer trigger guard and the other has a PSA USGI trigger guard). My goal with these builds was an all-purpose tactical/precision hybrid (1 trainer, 1 for game days) for our local 3-gun (thus the 18" SS barrel and FF tube), but a little less gamey and more combat reliable for emergency defensive use (thus the 5.56 chamber, midlength gas system, M16 carrier, M4 feedramps, and M4 stock). However, our local 3-gun matches seem to have crept in to 50yds max, so I just run a shorter gun. Heading overseas for work and I don't really want to store these, so time for them to find a new home at your place. Each has approximately 20rds through them for function check. No optics or BUIS mounted or included.

    • Black Dog 18" stainless free-float 1:8" barrel w/ 3 prong FH
    • 5.56 chamber
    • Midlength gas system
    • Low-profile gas block
    • JSE flat top upper w/ M4 cuts
    • JSE M16 BCG - gas key properly staked (see pics)
    • Surplus Arms & Ammo picto lower (by Aero Precision)
    • PSA LPK
    • Magpul MOE grip
    • PSA 6-position receiver tube, carbine buffer and PSA M4 stock

    SOLD shipped to your FFL. USPS Money Order or very discreet Paypal if you cover fees. Be prepared to show me your OR CHL. If you don't request differently, I will ship the rifle with the Magpul triggerguard to the first buyer and the USGI triggerguard to the second. Please make sure that your FFL will accept long guns shipped UPS from a private individual. I can ship from my FFL if necessary for an additional $40. No trades please, unless you really want to trade that 4" Python straight across. icon_smile_big.gif But seriously, I'd consider a straight-across trade for the right 3" round-butt no-lock K- or L-frame in .357, a really tricked out G19 or G17, a 3" .357 SP-101 with work done, or an ambi-safety 1911 that I just can't refuse (no Philippines or Brazilians, thanks). If not one of these specific trade items, I am probably not interested.

    Sorry, I do not have plans to get to Portland or the valley before I go overseas, so FTF in Oregon would have to be here in central Oregon.

    EDIT: Added pic of both guns together.

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  2. Wallygator

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    Deal pending on one or both?
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