3 Gun Ammo trade for springfield M1a/m14

Discussion in 'Rifle Classifieds' started by bmtm09, May 4, 2013.

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    m1a standard.jpg

    I want a Springfield M1a standard {composit stock perfered} Magazines and some ammo . Must be in excellent shape:thumbup:

    I am willing to trade 3 firearms + lots of ammo and mags for it

    1. Springfield xd-40 compact 2 mags {one with pierce grip} holster, original case + 550 rds .Less than 50 rds through it
    2. Ruger GP100 .375 mag 6" barrel , Holster original case , 1 speed loader +440 rds. Less than 20 rds through it
    3. Ruger Mini 14 Ranch rifle , Bushnell Scope 3-9x40 , 6 mags, 550+ rounds, Less than 200 rds through it.
    All of these are in Excellent like new shape. I want to downsize My collection and pick up a M1a {always wanted one}

    m1a standard.jpg
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