3 Glock 19 factory high cap 15 round mags

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    I have 3 Glock, factory 15 round mags for a G19, 2 of the 3 are stamped law enforcement. All 3 are in lightly used condition and function flawlessly.

    Things I would like to trade for:
    -3 Glock .40 cal mags (either 22 or 23, or a combo of the two, but must be 13-15 rounds and factory)
    -.40 or .45 ACP ammo
    -Night sights for a G23

    I would like to keep it as close to Lacey/Olympia/Ft. Lewis/Tacoma/McChord AF as possible. For right now I would prefer to trade as opposed to selling, I know how much mags are going for right now and I would feel bad asking that much money for mine, but I also want mags for the new .40 cal. I would consider shipping for a good trade, and I realize I'm new here so I would ship mine first if you require me to do so.

    email me here or at evanserpa@yahoo.com and I will send pics on request.

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