3-20-10 Washington.

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    A few of us guys from the Dan Wesson part of the 1911 forum are going to be getting together at the Tacoma Sportsman Club at 16409 Canyon Road East on Saturday the 20th for a little 1911 shooting (and whatever you bring) and just a bit of BSing. Ok, a lot of BSing. No stress. No competition. Just showing off our guns and puttin some holes in paper plates. (well, paper plates for me cuz I'm cheap) $10 to use the pistol and rifle range. I am bringing my youngest son and 2 of his friends to shoot on the rifle range. (no one under 12 can use the pistol range) Hope to see some of you there. I'm the shortish old guy with the shortish gray beard. Just come up to me and say HI and that you are from the NWFA forum. :) I am getting a group pic with a large flag and would really like to have you all in it. It gets posted on other forums and this forum also. SEE YA THERE. About 11am ish or so.
    Dave. :)

    Here is a pic from earlier this year with a few Forum guys. :)


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