2x Brand New 25rd Butler Creek Steel Lips for Ruger 10/22

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    Hi Folks,

    I'm new here.

    What I have here is two brand new 25 round Steel Lips magazines made by Butler Creek. They're designed for a Ruger 10/22, and most users who have this firearm have probably heard of this particular model of magazine. They're designed so up to two magazines can interlock for super fast swapping.


    Sorry about the bad pic. It's a cell phone pic and I couldn't get good lighting.

    As most people know these are sold out most everywhere, and they're hard to get a hold of. I'm asking $80 for both shipped with delivery confirmation included. Paypal only.

    I realize buyers are always taking a big leap of faith. I do have accounts with both Ebay and Amazon under BVentertainment with 100% feedback on both sites.

    Note: Many owners report superb results from this model of magazine. However, a few owners have reported jamming and improper feeding. One user said they're designed slightly oversized around the lip to ensure a tight fit and by filing them slightly in a certain place you can ensure a perfect fit with any Ruger 10/22. But, beware, I have not confirmed this. Nor will I recommend for anyone to alter them in any way. You are best to consult with experts before doing anything.

    Asking $80 for both magazines shipped with free confirmation.

    ATTENTION: Your expression of interest in conducting this transaction is acknowledgment that you are of the age 18 or over. Also, I will not ship to California or any other state where high capacity magazines are prohibited for import. Please state your location clearly if you are interested in purchasing.


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