2nd Anuual KRRC Silencer Shoot

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    The 2nd Annual KRRC Silencer Shoot is tentatively scheduled for Saturday July 21, 2012 from 4pm to 6pm. Suppressed firearms will be available for use by the public. The address is 4900 Seabeck Highway NW, Bremerton WA 98312.

    This event is free for KRRC members and non-members that bring a suppressed firearm to the event. All others pay the normal $15 range fee. Non-members will be briefed by a Range Officer prior to being allowed on the rifle line.

    Eye and ear protection is mandatory. While suppressed firearms can be much less noisy, they can still damage hearing especially when used in an enclosed area such as the rifle line at the KRRC.

    I plan on bringing the following suppressed firearms to the silencer shoot.


    Savage MKii
    Walther P-22
    Browning Buckmark
    Ruger MKii (amphibian copy)
    TC Contender (22lr and 17hmr)
    Savage 17hmr


    Savage model 12 in 308
    AR-10 in 308
    AR-15 in 5.56
    Remington M700 in 338 RUM
    WASR (AK47 clone) in 7.62x39

    Centerfire subsonic

    TC Encore in 510 whisper
    TC Contender in 300 whisper
    AR-15 in 300 whisper
    Savage 10fcm in 338 whisper
    AR-15 in 458 socom

    I will have about 500 rounds of centerfire ammo and a few thousand rounds of rimfire ammo. Anyone who brings their own commercial ammo is welcome to use it in my firearms.

    Randy Bragge
    (360) 440-5889

    New hours, 10am to 4pm.
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    Sounds like fun.......if I can get that evening free I'll be there..... unfortunately I have no suppressors to bring yet.

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