2nd Amendment vs. Corporate money – Gun legislation will go where the money says to

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    Here's a prediction.
    Future legislation will go where the money goes.
    Most laws (prohibition, guns, etc) have a history of doing this.

    Power players are going to decide what happens next based off fear of publicity and losing money.
    Those players start with; Bushmaster, Google, Amazon, Bi-mart, Dicks sporting goods, etc.
    I’m sure the President is going to follow through with talking to the big companies like was mentioned in the
    plan from the White House.

    Money gets votes. Votes mean power. Power means more years in office.
    They win, we lose. To them, this isn't about what's right.
    Heck, it sounds like they'll have the votes in Cali to change their constitution to even 're-define' what's right.

    Am I writing the 2nd Amendment off. Not by a long chance.
    Stricter control of guns is their goal and the time is ripe.
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    A less cogent post I couldn't have expected.

    GJ though on fear-mongering and conspiracy theorizing, ignoring ALL electoral consequences.

    In short: You don't know WTF you are talking about. Go back to sleep while the grownups discuss policy.
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    Hey Bill, I’m not even going to look at your posting history to get an idea of your political tendencies but, I will say that your post here reads like a politically savvy liberal who trolls around flaming posts that hit to close to your agenda.

    Fear mongering….no.
    I don’t want to look back in 10yrs and think; Hey, remember when we could buy a handgun FTF without a 10 day waiting period and without going through a dealer? Remember when the Second Amendment actually meant something?

    The reality of the situation can be taken in by reading the information below:
    “*** the private-equity firm Cerberus Capital Management announced it would sell the maker of the rifle used in the massacre***”.
    “Cerberus, …………. appears to have been pressured by investors and the threat of more gun control.
    Officials at California’s huge teacher pension fund said they were reviewing a $600 million investment in Cerberus in light of the Connecticut shooting.”

    They sold off their interest in the company and it turns out that the AR15 was NOT USED in the CT shooting. They jumped out of the fear. Fear of bad publicity, fear of losing money.

    The other corporations that I mentioned have jumped too. Be aware of their billions of dollars in annual sales. Can their PACs outweigh those of the NRA? Questions come into play when a thing like the Cerberus sell off happens because the parent company that they sold off also makes Remington, and DPMS. Does that mean that these companies will be gagged by their corporate bosses, who they themselves are controlled by the investors?

    It comes down to this; Be informed or be ignorant.

    On a side note: You don’t know me well enough to start cussing at me so stick that crap back in your pie hole.
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