2nd amendment rights revoked for DV; how risky is shooting?

Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by erikm, Jun 12, 2010.

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    Is it risky to go to gun range where they ask for ID? Or more to the point, is there any kind of automated cross-referencing of gun-range logs with the database of people banned from possessing firearms? I'm guessing not since, as I recall, it's all paper-based. Ever hear about anybody being busted for going to a range though?

    If shooting outdoors in an otherwise legal setting, can or do cops often demand to see ID? I'm not talking about hunting, just target practice. This would probably be in the Snoqualmie area, so I would definitely need to make sure I stay out of the forbidden areas if I don't want to have to produce ID. Would there still be much of a risk though?
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    What you're asking for is advice about an illegal activity, this is prohibited, so I'm shutting down this thread.

    If you actually do have a DV conviction, and you had your 2nd amendment rights taken away, I would seriously reconsider even thinking about possessing a firearm, because you could be facing serious jail time.
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