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22 Long Rifle
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AuctioningRaffling off:
2,000 rounds of Remington Thunderbolt .22LR
These are in 500 count boxes, loose pack.
100% of sale price will be donated, I am not withholding any for my purchased price.

30% of auction will go towards NWFA
(Why 30%? I have made multiple gift memberships this year already towards NWFA and this offsets part of what I had intended to put towards the raffle earlier this year)
70% of auction will go towards Kids S.A.F.E. Foundation (www.kidssafefoundation.org)

Kids S.A.F.E.
Since 2015 the Kids S.A.F.E. Foundation has been a leader in the state of Oregon and the nation in regards to children’s firearm safety. We have reached 21,000 kids in Oregon, Washington, Northern California, and Arizona. We have taught them life-saving skills on what to do if they ever encounter a firearm. STOP, DON’T TOUCH, RUN AWAY, TELL AN ADULT!! We teach our kids to swim because we don’t want them to drown. We use this similar approach when it comes to firearm safety. Our firearm safety program is for all kids, not just the kids with firearms in their homes. Children can come in contact almost anywhere, their education is vital. ZERO firearm accidents are the only acceptable goal!!™

Auction Rules:
  1. Auction closes on Friday, March 12th at 5PM PST.
    1. I will close ad at that time, if I get busy the last bid prior to that mark wins with the exception below:
  2. 15 minute rule
    1. At the end of the auction, if a bid is placed 3 minutes prior to closure, there will be a waiting period of 15 minutes before ad is closed. A new bid within 15 minutes extends that amount. The auction will only be extended two times. 30 minutes total beyond initial closure time.
  3. Bids are in increments of $5 or greater, whole numbers please.
  4. Purchasing is between the individual holding the auction @Dyjital and buyer, this is not between Northwest Firearms or Kids S.A.F.E. Foundation.
  5. Shipping & FFL fees
    1. There is no shipping on these items. Local pick up only. I can meet Friday evening at the completion of the auction to meet as far north as Woodburn along I-5 and south to Eugene.
    2. We can meet beyond that within a few days but I do not want to stretch this out to days or weeks.
  6. All laws to be followed by both parties.
  7. Failure to follow through with purchase acknowledges you will receive a negative transaction rating.
  8. This is an honor system on the selling side.
    1. My 100% feedback should be noted, I do intend to follow through.
  9. Comments below should be for bids only. Clearly state the amount you are willing to commit and follow through with.
    1. Please verify with wife prior to bidding, make sure your funds are available.

Starting Auction off at $50
(the price covers 2,000 rounds and is NOT on a per-box basis)
  1. I agree to the classified rules and terms of service
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Every one of you is awesome!

Willing to stand up and secure our freedom to assemble (online) and secure our freedoms by helping kids learn about firearm safety!

This could get interesting too if I make a bid!

I meet with Derek this Saturday at 9am for Kids SAFE live fire exercise with potentially 10 kids! Every bit helps to keep our sport alive.


Edited title and description to reflect auction not raffle.
Less than 12 hours left! Thank you again to all who have participated.

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