280 Remington Ammo for Sale

Federal Premium
140 gr Trophy Bonded Bear Claw
2 boxes, 20 rounds/box
$30 per box + shipping (see below)

Remington 7mm Express Remington*
150 gr Core Lokt Pointed Soft Point
14 boxes, 20 rounds/box
$23 per box + shipping (see below)

*At one time Remington re-named the 280 Remington cartridge to 7mm Express Remington. Later Remington changed the name back to 280 Remington. This ammo is safe to fire in a 280 and the box has a label on it that says so. Google ‘7mm Express Remington’ to confirm.

FTF in Western WA or Shipping thru UPS. I will tell you the shipping cost once I know the size and weight of the box needed for item(s) you want.

Payment: US Postal Money Order, or PayPal + 4%

Please do not order if your city/county/state prohibits purchase of this ammunition. I will verify that the purchase is not prohibited by checking with on-line vendor that has a system that checks by zip code.

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