WTS OR 28 Ga. Shotgun Shells SOLD

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    IMG_20141016_121237_880.jpg I have a bunch of 28 gauge shotgun shells that I would like to sell or trade. Specifically I have the following:

    21 boxes of Winchester Western Super X Magnums in 7.5 size shot.
    10 boxes of Winchester AA Skeet loads in #9 shot
    1 box of Winchester Western Super X Magnum in #8 shot
    1 box of Winchester Super X in 7.5 shot
    1 box of Peters (Remington) Skeet loads in # 9 shot

    This is a total of 34 boxes of new factory shells (no reloads) for a total of 840 shells. I will sell them at $5.00 per box for a total of $170.00 which is a bargain. If you shoot sub gauge and you have tried to purchase 28 gauge shells lately you will know this. I will also be willing to trade for 480 rounds of .223 or 5.56.

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