.270WSM Model 70 Coyote Lite with 20 MOA base

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    This is a .270 WSM model 70 Winchester. The barrel is fluted with a much thicker profile than a sporter, but it isn't quite as large as some bull barrels, it tapers down to .750 at the muzzle.

    It has a Hogue stock that is bedded to the action with a cheek piece riser which gave me excellent cheek weld, trigger work to achieve around a 3-4lb pull with no creep or over travel, a jewelled bolt, and a 20 MOA 1 piece base.

    I have around 200 rounds through it, the barrel was broken in properly. I developed a load that produced consistent 1/4 moa groups. It might still have some more accuracy in it, I didn't spend much time on load development since the third load I tried gave me enough accuracy for what I needed it for.

    Another nice thing about this rifle is the throat length. I did some testing and was able to seat bullets so far out they would jam in the rifling but they would still fit in the magazine easily.

    With the 20 MOA base you should be able to dial in your elevation out to 1500 yards or so, more if you have a tactical style scope with alot of elevation adjustment. The bullet goes trans sonic at about 1500 yards with berger vld bullets.

    I am selling to fund building a .338 Lapua, but its a great rifle that has a lot of punch. If you look at ballistics charts for higher bc bullets, there is plenty of power to harvest a deer clear out to 950 yards, and an elk out to 750 (even though that is way too far for 95% of shooters to be able to pull off humanely, if at all)

    I would prefer a phone call, but you can pm me if you want. Just expect it to be a day or 2 before I get back to you.

    $800 OBO I will only trade for a good quality AK variant (thick receiver, heavy chrome lined barrel, etc.), 3500 rounds of 7.62x39, or 2750 rounds of 5.56/.223




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